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Patsy Hazlewood's voting record

More votes that are not conservative

More Votes by Representative Hazlewood


  • Voted against to allows full time faculty and employees of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus once they have notified local law enforcement agencies that are responsible for the school’s security. HB1736


  • Voted for Improve Act, Largest tax hike on gasoline (7 cents) when the state had a $2 billion surplus.


  • Voted to give $900 million of our money to Ford for electric trucks that cannot pull a trailer and are not viable. We are subsidizing a company that loses billions on these vehicles. HB 8002/HB 8001  


  • Voted against reducing age to 18 to legally carry a handgun. HB1735

  • Patsy voted against HB2073 in committee, which would have prohibited taxpayer-funded entertainment venues from requiring a Covid-19 vaccine for entry. HB2073

  • Voted no on Common carrier bill which would have prevented Big Tech social media censorship of TN elections and citizens. HB2369

  • Voted for the Incumbent Protection Bill to silence TN grassroots organizations. HB1201

  • Publicly voiced support for Gov Lee’s $52.8B budget, which allocated $8.9B more in state dollars than 2023 budget +$550M in state bonds to fund a new domed stadium for TN Titans. 

  • Sponsored corporate welfare bill allowing the Chattanooga Lookouts to retain a sales tax deal to fund their new stadium. HB2609


  • Voted for legislation that could criminalize parents based on anonymous allegations of abuse or neglect. HB1109

  • Co-sponsored a bill to use public private partnerships for construction of Toll Roads/Choice Lanes, HB321


  • Voted to block public access to Department of Tourist Development records involving millions in taxpayer dollars. HB1692

  • Voted for legislation expediting the termination of parental rights following a subjective interpretation of “substantial non-compliance” 

  • Voted in favor of blocking access to autopsy reports of children who are victims of violent crime, thereby potentially allowing their cases to go unsolved in some cases. HB1695 

  • Voted to table a bill that would have prohibited local governments from expending funds for the purposes of studying or disbursing reparations. HB474

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